Pastor John Kakooza 


Pastor John is the pastor of Jesus Loves You Church. He and his wife have 10 children. I am not sure how many are their biological children and how many are orphans.

Pastor John was previously the head of his tribe and a sorcerer. He was gloriously saved from drunkenness and witchcraft. The church which started in his home now has about 80 people with about 170 children and 5 teachers in their school.

During the dry season, the nearest water is 8 miles away. The nearest medical clinic is about 25 miles. 

Pastor John told me that because everyone knows him, he must be careful to "walk with the Lord, stand with the Lord, and serve the Lord in order to not be a hypocrite and turn people away from Jesus." He asked me to pray for him that he will be strong as long as he lives.

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